Online Communication. Reinvented.

You can have online conversations with groups that just feel real.
So you can enjoy connecting with people all around the world.

Stop having exhausting group calls

Have you ever tried speaking at the same time in a group call?

We all know this. There is a question and everyone starts speaking. You can't understand a word. When someone wants to make a quick comment the flow of the conversation is cut.

There are simply too many awkward rules in group calls.

We all are familiar with this. Everyone is on mute in group calls, if you want to say something you have to raise your hand, interrupt the flow so that you can be heard.

Why aren't group calls just like real life meet ups?

It simply was not possible before. With our technlogy, we are able to bring the experience of being in a room together to the digital world so you can connect remotely on a whole new level!

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We use advanced audio technology algorithms.

So you are able to connect with more people
in remote group calls.

70% of people are disturbed that only one single person is able to speak at the same time.

We have all been in a Zoom or Facetime group call, where it is virtually impossible to have conversations at the same time! Not anymore! With marly, you can speak to your friends and colleagues almost as if you were in the same room together. Cool, right?

63% of people are disturbed by low audio quality & lags.

On-top of solving group conversations to be more effective and enjoyable, we also want to make sure that you will experience the best audio quality. All created to supply you with unparalleled processing and full bandwidth support from our in-house sound & tech engineers. Experience incomparable audio quality & lag elimination with marly today!

WHY another app?

We are tired of not being able to have group meetings online just like in real life.
That's why we made an app, that allows you to realistically experience group conversations online!

During the time of Covid-19, we realized how essential meetings with colleges and friends are. It is truly amazing, to have the possibility to speak & see each other even though we are not in the same room. Having multiple meetings per day and always hearing people complaining about the disadvantages of online meetings, made us think. We knew, if it was possible to create a true feeling of being in a room together, this would change how we communicate online.

Because nobody is adressing this issue, we sat down.

And that's why there is another app!

Experience the revolution of online communication.

Multiple conversations at the same time and you understand every word.

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